With WiFi connections we are no longer tied to using a network cable to surf the Internet or connect to the local network. Thanks to WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets but also TV and consoles have been able to integrate more advanced features, benefiting from the advantages of the Internet without being slaves of a bulky cable. The absence of the wire, however, has opened an...

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Bluetooth technology is widely used in the mobile environment to allow the connection between different devices (such as wireless headphones, headset, connection to the car system, etc.) but can also be useful when we are at the PC, so you can use them accessories that normally we would use only with the smartphone or the tablet, as well as having a wireless connection system to...

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WiFi access point how it works After years of honored service, your beloved modem has decided to say goodbye. From one day to the next it stopped working and so you had to buy a new one. Too bad that in trying to cope with your needs as soon as possible you have not had time to choose a model that really suits your needs. So, now you find...

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