This is an article dedicated especially to life in offices, for those who need a private and secure chat tool that works only within a LAN. Otherwise, compared to traditional chats that work via internet connection, LAN Messenger programs only connect people who use a computer connected to the same LAN network, to the same router, in wifi or via cable. Although the use of chat like...

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Whenever we talk about a computer that does not start and does not start because it is broken or reformatted, the first thought that comes to mind is the recovery of files and data that are inside. This becomes a big problem if you have not been foresight and have not thought about before making a backup, at least of the important files. All work or school...

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11 types of programs that really do not need anymore on Windows, which are superfluous and, sometimes, even useless. When you browse the internet from a Windows PC you can discover articles and advertisements on programs, system tools and optimization utilities that promise to make the computer go faster and get it back again. In blogs like Navigaweb are only reported free and verified programs but often...

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