Technical issues in Apple are very common. While Apple Inc. has been trying their best to resolve the problems present in iPhone and other devices, they are successful only to some extent. Recently, an individual from South America exposed a bug present in iPhone that can let you access the contacts and private photos of your phone bypassing the Screen lock. This means that you...

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With the advent of modern technologies and internet age, we have been experiencing various new platforms with time. Social media is now replacing the early conventional entertainment media with their new advantages. One of the latest social media phenomena is Blogging. There are millions of bloggers all over the world who write content for the audience on the internet. A blog is a discussion or...

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With the latest advancements in technology, it has become important to connect to the outer world through different mediums. One such device is a router. It is an integral part of our modern technology. It is a small device that connects two or three devices by providing internet connectivity between computer networks. Linksys Router is one of the most trusted brands among users when you...

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