Unified Threat Management a Security Feature for Your Network

Unified threat management allows an administrator to monitor and manage a wide range of security-related applications and components of infrastructure on one integrated platform. It is a security feature that is designed to protect users from a blend of cyber threats. Next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus, virtual private networking (VPN), content filtering, etc. are some technologies that are included under UTM. Tech Support Dubai is at your service in provides solution for the Unified threat management

  • Stateful Firewall
  • Deep Inspection Intrusion Prevention
  • Web & Email Anti-Virus
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Rogue Device and Wireless Access Point Detection
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

The specialists of Tech Support Dubai provides the complex and uncompromised monitoring of the customer’s security system and adherence to all its restrictions. Our approach offers the quick detection of any breakages, internal violations, or any other issues that impose your data security to danger. Unified threat management has the potential to strengthen the security system and prevents the complex issues. Security monitoring by our experts provides the following things:

  • Reporting on ongoing threat issue with detailed descriptions.
  • Straightforward and functional threat management dashboard
  • Data protection and strengthening planning.
  • Maintenance of flexible security system

We provide our service based on the needs, budget and specific system configuration, providing reliable support in the management of numerous threats that may occur around the business processes.

Our Unified Threat Management includes:

  • Industry-leading security technologies to protect your business from cyber threats like ransomware, and others.
  • Consolidation of network and security to simplify IT across wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Cloud-based management
  • Extensible solution sets that grow as your business grows and threats evolve
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Lower power consumption

Some Key Points of UTM :

  • A single UTM works as a comprehensive security solution.
  • It Safeguards and manages a company’s security strategy.
  • The Simplified Security of UTM is at its best
  • It reduced the technical training requirements for IT.
  • No need for multiple software installation and maintenance
  • Easy Management
  • Zero-hour protection without compromising on the network performance

Unified threat management is a robust solution that not only improves the productivity of your business but also keeps your network protected. There are billions of people on the Internet, along with millions of threats; all you need is one easy-to-use tool to keep your network safe and that is UTM. To learn more about how UTM can be used to enhance your business, call Tech Support Dubai, our experts will be happy to help you.

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